Top: finished with printmaking; Bottom: alternative finish with watercolor

CREATING: Students begin the project by creating ‘field sketches’ through which they learn the basics of observation drawing. They then pick an animal figurine of their choice, draw it from observation, study the habitat of the animal, create an accurate background for their drawing, and then turn the drawings into a series of prints (alternatively, they can finish with watercolor). 

CONNECTING: This project is thematically aligned with the topic of ‘birds’, which is often studied in 2nd grade ELA. Specifically, it supports by looking at the biography and artworks of John Audubon. 


  • Materials
    • (please note: this material list is if you choose to finish with printmaking. If you choose to finish with watercolor you will need watercolors, heavier stock paper, and painting supplies)
  • Books and Texts
  • Vocabulary

  • CCAS: W.1.7 , W.2.7 , W.1.8 , W.2.8 , SL.1.1a, SL.2.1a , SL.1.1b , SL.2.1b, SL.1.2 , SL.2.2, SL.1.1c , SL.2.1c , SL.1.3 , SL.2.3 , SL.2.4, SL.1.5, SL.2.5
  • NCAS: VA:Cr1.2.1a, VA:Cr3.1.2a
  • Art Elements: line, shape/form
  • Art Principles: proportion/scale

*Materials and books linked to are affiliate Links and we may make a small percentage off of them. The materials list assumes a class-size of 30
We link to products that are expert-recommended; for our supplies, art teachers have helped us choose the most effective brands to use. For our books, literacy consultants have vetted our selection.

Difficulty: all elementary



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